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September 10th Church Update

The LORD will keep your going out and your coming in from this time on and forevermore. (Psalm 121:8)

Just a simple word of assurance for today!

  • Just FYI, with that little rain we had on Monday we had some water come in through the roof in the education wing. We continue to try and find the leaks and get them fixed.

  • The Community Garden is just about done for the year. It has been a bountiful harvest! There are still quite a few banana peppers so come and help yourself.

  • Congratulations to Brandon and Victoria Sparks. They will be getting married on Saturday. May God bless their lives together!

  • I was asked to request prayers for Don Long. Don is awaiting a liver transplant.

  • As you know, we have been worshiping outside (as well as online) since June, but it is starting to get a little chilly out there. I committed to staying outside through September so I guess we will bundle up for a few more weeks. In light of the current trends with the corona virus, we will move worship inside beginning Sunday, October 4, 10am. At my recommendation, Council approved this move with the proper protocols in place. These protocols include requiring that masks or suitable face covering be worn inside the building. Every other pew will be closed off and we ask that family groups maintain a safe distance from one another. We can accommodate about 35-40 people in this manner. Temperature checks and hand sanitizer will be provided. We ask that you do not congregate together inside the building before or after worship and we will be exiting one row at a time, just like at a wedding. We will continue to live stream the service for those who would prefer participating in this way.

  • I know this is not anyone's first choice. We would all love to be able to gather and be together as we have in the past. I am well aware of the fact that we have people who run the full spectrum of responses to this pandemic, from those who barely leave their house to those who refuse to wear masks to every step in between. It is my hope, my prayer, and my expectation that we will respect those views that may be different than our own, as well as these protocols we are putting in place for everyone's protection, and continue to treat one another with Christian kindness and love.

That's all for this week. I hope you will join us for worship in some manner this weekend as we check in with Joseph and his brothers and see how they are doing in Egypt. Have a blessed week and stay safe!

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