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Return to Church Protocol

From: Pastor Wayne

Re: Resuming In-Person Worship

Council has decided to resume in-person worship TENTATIVELY beginning Sunday, June 7. Thursday evening worship is still suspended until further notice. Our goal is to gather in the safest manner possible, respecting everyone’s safety and well-being. If in the course of the next few weeks the situation in our area worsens, we will postpone this start date and continue worshiping online.

We will use our traditional summer worship starting time of 9:00am, Sunday.

Worship will be held outside in the parking area beside the Peace Garden.

Worship will still be available online through Facebook, either live or recorded.

In the event of rain, or if rain appears likely, in-person worship will be cancelled.

For in-person worship

• When you arrive, chairs will be available. Each person will take one and choose a place to sit. This way families can sit together while individuals can space themselves accordingly six feet apart. If you need help setting up a chair, an usher will be available. You are welcome to bring your own chair as well.

• Masks are strongly recommended but they will not be required. I know some have strong feelings regarding masks. It is my view that wearing one is a way we can show love for one another and, as another pastor recently told me, demonstrate the sacrificial love of Christ for one another. I hope everyone will take this into consideration and remember all we are asking is that you wear a mask for one hour and that we are doing it for each other as an act of community.

• The alley on the south side of the church will be blocked off on Sunday mornings. You will not be able to drive in from Chapel Street. This will decrease parking spots at the church. Those who are able may park at Pfeil Funeral Home and walk to the church.

• Offering baskets will be available for you to leave your offering either when you arrive or when you leave worship.

• We will not have any congregational singing. This would require more than the standard six-feet of space between persons.

• At the conclusion of worship leave your chair and Council will see that they get put away. Please do not congregate following worship and be aware of those around you as we depart.

If you are feeling sick or may have been exposed to someone who may have the coronavirus, please stay home and view worship online. If you develop symptoms in the week following worship, please notify Pastor Wayne. Remember, if we gather for worship and any member of the congregation that day gets sick, EVERY PERSON PRESENT will need to quarantine for 14 days.

Regathering will not be easy. I know that within the congregation there are many viewpoints surrounding the coronavirus. I am asking everyone, if you choose to join us for in-person worship, that you set your viewpoint aside for one hour and look at it from a Christ-like perspective. All that Jesus did he did for others. He did it out of love and solely for the sake of God. May we do the same as we come together to worship God.

Worship Protocols
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