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October 13th Weekly Meditation

Weekly Meditation

"Just then there came a man named Jairus, a leader of the synagogue. He fell at Jesus' feet and begged him to come to his house, for he had an only daughter, about twelve years old, who was dying." (Luke 8:41ff)

    Today is Prime Day. I know this because the news kept telling me what a big day this is. Prime Day. I choose not to say the name of the company that hosts this "extravaganza," as it was called in multiple settings. I figure the news has given them enough free press.

    Before I started writing this meditation, I actually had to look up Prime Day to see exactly what it was. I knew it was a big shopping day for this particular company, but I was not certain of the details. As I dug into it, the event fell somewhat short of an "extravaganza" in my eyes.

    The news also made me aware that other companies, which I shall also not name, are having "extravaganzas" of their own. I am beginning to think an extravaganza is simply an opportunity to part with your money.

    This is all fine and good. I do not begrudge a business for trying to pump up sales and boost their bottom line. I am not sure it is all that "newsworthy," but the line between news, entertainment, and advertising is not as clear as it once was.

    As I read the story about Jairus and his daughter, though, I began to think about Prime Day in the midst of a pandemic that has claimed so many lives. We are told in this story from Luke's gospel that Jairus is, "a leader of the synagogue." That put him in company with the religious leaders of the day and we know from the gospels that many of the religious leaders were somewhat skeptical of this Jesus character. Many, in fact, were downright hostile to him.

    For Jairus, "a leader of the synagogue," to approach Jesus for help was in all likelihood a risk for him. By falling at Jesus' feet and begging him for help, Jairus was risking his reputation, his standing, his job. None of that mattered, however, because his child was sick. As every parent knows, when your child is sick, nothing else really matters.

    As we go about a day, oh, wait, TWO days, of shopping "extravaganza," I hope we don't forget that many of God's children are sick today. Getting a deal on a new TV may be nice, but it should not distract us from those who are in need of healing. Jairus' loving care for his daughter demonstrated in his willingness to give up everything for her is a potent symbol of God's loving care for us, God's children. Let us make today a prime day, not for shopping, but for caring for one another; for praying for one another; for loving our neighbor as ourselves. Let today, and tomorrow too, be a true extravaganza of love.

Worship This Week

Thursday, October 15, 6:30pm, North Room

Sunday, October 18, 10am, Sanctuary and on Facebook Live

(In-person worship, inside. Masks required and please act responsibly)

This Week: Pay Attention!

Keep In Prayer:

Don Long, Alvin Shelley

Our shut-ins: Kate Shelley, Dot Ann Smith, Nora Smith, Helen Payne

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