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Church Update May 8th

"Anxiety leads to depression,but a good word encourages."- Proverbs 12:25

The book of Proverbs is filled with little nuggets of wisdom. That is what "proverbs" are, right? This one struck me as appropriate given the current situation. While there is much to be anxious about, we can cast our anxiety upon God and hopefully find some comfort. And offering "a good word" can certainly improve our world. I want to challenge you to make a point of sharing "good words" that encourage. I am greatly disheartened by the negative words I hear lately. May be, as people of faith, take this proverb to heart.

Worship is once again on Sunday morning, 10am, on Facebook Live. I hope this has been working for everyone. It seems to be running smoothly for most. Do me a favor - if you tune in, please hit the Like or leave a comment. I'm trying to get a sense if I am missing anyone. Remember, in the small church we take attendance by who is NOT there.

I am attaching a flyer for a new program in Huron County (and Ohio), the Imagination Library.This is a wonderful program through which any child from birth to five years old can receive a FREE BOOK every month. Sign up is easy and it's FREE! You cannot have too many books, and when you child has outgrown them, I know of a Little Free Library where they can go to find a new home!

We started the Community Garden this week by planting a few rows of radishes. Watch throughout the month of May as we add more, including asparagus beans. Those will be fun to watch.

Thank you to everyone who continues to send in your church offering! When this all began I was concerned how we would get through, but the members and friends of this congregation have stepped up big and shown that the ministry of our church is important! I hope you will continue to give as you are able so that, when the time comes, we will be stronger than ever!

Please, please, please, if there is anything more I can do, let me know. I am always just a phone call or text or email away and happy to talk anytime. And as always, take care, be safe and may God bless us all.


Pastor Wayne

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